About Us

Our history

Plásticos de Honduras, company that was born in 1964 dedicated to the transformation and commercialization of plastic products. Its plant located in San Pedro Sula – Honduras, strategic location that allows access to all markets in Latin America. One of our great strengths is the permanent innovation, leading the company to maintain leadership in the plastic sector at the regional level.


Project as a leading and innovative company at national and international level in the production and marketing of plastic items, ensuring the trust of our customers as their best supplier.


Satisfy the needs of our customers, with excellence in service and in the product, exceeding with each one of the customer’s expectations being satisfied in full.


Integrity and Ethics: Foster an honest and worthy behavior of our company to contribute thus in the confidence of our clients.
Respect and Recognition to the person: We characterize ourselves and we attach great importance to the involvement, sensitivity and respect towards the individual.