Terms and Conditions

PLASTICOS DE HONDURAS is not responsible from the use of credit cards that have been stolen, cloned or used by a person outside the holder and the issuing bank authorizes the amount of the purchase and the corresponding payment.

Online Promotions

PLASTICOS DE HONDURAS can communicate promotions that are exclusive to the website and promotions that apply both in-store and on the website.

PLASTICOS DE HONDURAS will send promotions through email only if the user authorizes it.

Acceptance of the conditions of use of the site

The user browsing our site is aware of the policies that govern it and when acting through the different tools offered by our website is understood to have reviewed, accepted and agreed the terms and conditions notified herein.

The user also authorizes PLASTICOS DE HONDURAS to use your personal information regarding queries, accesses and other services that the site requires. If the user has any type of nonconformity will be limited in the input of personal information.

Forms and Conditions of Payment:

The payment will be by credit card, therefore you have the option to receive the products at the address you have provided (shipping charges apply) or the products can be withdrawn at our factory (No shipping charges apply).
Home purchases can only be delivered at the national level (Honduras), prices per shipments vary depending on the type of product or the area and / or address where the delivery takes place.